2022 10th Anniversary 2012 Football Draft Prospects

Hard to believe its been 10 years!

If we turn back the clock back to 2012, some of the more experienced collectors may remember we released a product called 2012 Football Draft Prospects, which was a landmark release at the time and changed the landscape not just for football cards, but trading cards in general within Australia.

We have taken the original cards, and each of them has been expertly foil-stamped with a 10th Anniversary logo on the front, and numbered on the rear, or front of each card.

****Each foil pack contains one 10th Anniversary card within a sticker-sealed top loader.****

Look for the following -  

  1. Rookie Cards - 36 cards - numbered to 10 (Gold logo)
  2. Rookie Cards - 36 cards - numbered 1/1
  3. Rookie Signature Cards - 35 cards - numbered to 10
  4. Rookie Signature Cards - 35 cards - numbered 1/1
  5. Rookie Cup Cards - 4 cards - numbered to 10
  6. Rookie Medal Card - 1 card - numbered to 10
  7. Rookie Futures Card - 36 cards - numbered 1/1
  8. State's Finest - 15 cards - numbered 1/1
  9. Future Stars Card - 1 card - numbered to 25
  10. Father & Son Card - 1 card - numbered to 25

The 36 players in the 2012/Draft Prospects Set, and in the 10th Anniversary include the following - 

Ahmed Saad, Alex Brown, Billy Longer, Brad Crouch, Brad Hill, Brandon Ellis, Chad Wingard, Clay Smith, Corey Gault, Daniel Markworth, Devon Smith, Elliot Yeo, Elliott Kavanagh, Frazer Dale, Hal Hunter, Hayden Crozier, Jackson Coleman, Jackson Paine, Jonathan Patton, Jordan Lockyer, Josh Bootsma, Lachie Neale, Lauchlan Dalgleish, Lincoln McCarthy, Michael Mascoulis, Murry Newman, Nick Haynes, Nick O'Brien, Rory Taggert, Sam Docherty, Sam Frost, Shane Kersten, Stephen Coniglio, Toby Greene, Tom Curran, Will Hoskin-Elliott