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What are my payment options?
To make payment for your selected items, you have the choice of paying via Paypal or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) or Direct Debit through or at any Bendigo Bank branch.
How much is postage for items within Australia, and how are they packaged?
Postage for Single cards and Team Sets is $2.95 with no limit.

Orders with a value of over $50.00 will be sent via Registered Post or Express Post.

Most cards are shipped in padded envelopes for extra protection.

WEG Posters are sent in Protective Rolls, and up to 8 posters can be sent for $9.95

Sealed boxes and cases are sent from $11.95.
When phoning to make an order or enquiry, what are your customer service hours?

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm Eastern Standard Time
If we are currently on another call or the office is temporarily unattended, please leave a detailed message with our answering service, and we will return your phone call. You can always order your products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Are your products you sell on the website authentic?

Yes - EVERY item sold by is 100% Authentic.

If I pay using my credit card, does my shipping address have to match my billing address?
Yes, due to our bank's credit card merchant policy, we can only ship to the billing address. If you wish to have your item shipped to another address, we suggest paying via Direct Debit through or at any Bendigo Bank branch.

Why do prices change on the website?
Due to the nature of sports collectibles trade, the popularity of players and teams can change almost daily based on their on and off-field performances, and this in turn may affect the supply and demand of certain products.
Example: You purchase a Draft Pick Rookie Signature card for $100 today, and next day he is named the AFL Rising Star for that round or season, and the same card on the website has been changed to $125.

With older cards, its difficult to often judge the condition based on scans, what should I do if i am considering purchasing the card?

We have recently introduced a new, simple grading system guide from Grade 5 Pristine/Mint to a 1 Poor for older cards, which can be applied to Scanlens cards from 1963-1987, and cigarette cards.

We have also increased the size of the scans of each card to assist collectors when attempting to judge the condition of the cards themselves, especially when viewing important factors such as corners, edging and centering.

If you have further enquiries, do not hesitate to phone and ask for further details regarding the product you are interested in, prior to ordering.


Condition Grading –

5 - Pristine/Mint – 150-200% of value

No flaws, 4 Perfect Corners, 55/45 or better centering, clean cut, smooth edges, original color borders and gloss, no print spots or color imperfections; may be described as pristine
4 - Excellent/Near-Mint – 100-150% of value

Smooth edges, original color borders and gloss. One of the following minor flaws may exist – slight touches of wear on the one corner, slight print spots and color imperfections, slight mis-cut
3 - Very Good – 75-100% of value

Minor imperfections or roughness to the edges of the card. One of the following flaws may exist – slight touches of wear on two or three corners, minor print spots and minor discoloration, minor crease; noticeably mis-cut

2 - Average - 50-75%

Rough edges, slightly rounded corners, with up to four fuzzy corners, some gloss lost from the surface; noticeable creasing

1 - Poor – 25% of value

Noticeably handled, showing overall wear, badly rounded corners, limited amount of original gloss, major discoloration or stained, indentations, serious creasing.